My Story

I am a stay at home mum of 6 children and am very blessed my husband has a good job, but it seems with so many people in the family, and the continual increase in costs to live, everything he earns seems to disappear so fast.  And so, this business is my way to earn extra money, to not only maintain our current lifestyle but also help get us get ahead.

Joining Scentsy has been the best business decision I have ever made. It allows me to be the Mum my children deserve and to be a successful entrepreneur.  Plus I get valuable 'me' time and the extra income makes a huge difference to our family.

After almost burning my house down with a little tea light ceramic burner and essential oils a few years ago, I banned myself from any more open flames.  As much as I love beautiful fragrances throughout my home, the safety of my family and our home was of far greater importance.  So when I heard that there was a safe alternative to candles, which worked out cheaper, without the mess, I wanted it.  And the more I researched and learned about the business side of Scentsy, I had to join. 

On the 1 Sept 2013, Scentsy opened in Australia and I was one of the first to join.  I was so keen to commence my Scentsy business, and wanted to partner up with a company that had beautiful products, excellent compensation plan and also receive my own website, workstation, and tools to market with.  I have owned and operated my own website and the cost and work involved in doing that is huge.  I love that Scentsy do all the website work for us as their consultants, and it is so ridiculously cheap!  I run my whole business through the workstation of the website, which is really easy and keeps everything so organised and professional.

I can now fragrance my home, car and life without any worries and love helping others do the same.

Scentsy just makes Perfect 'Scents' to me. x

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